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Top 5 Common Influencer Marketing Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make In 2020

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Businesses from all walks, large, medium, and small scale enterprises, have embraced influencer marketing campaigns. Influencer marketing has emerged among the top most sought-after ways to promote products in the market. It is because many consumers tend to relate to opinions, especially of a famous personality more often. As a freelancer in the UAE or any other part of the world, influencer marketing is an excellent choice to showcase a product as it guarantees broader customer coverage at an affordable cost as opposed to various forms of mainstream advertising. Influencer campaigns over the years have proved key among the most viable marketing methods aiming to enhance product awareness, increase sales, and establish brand reliability in the market.

For a successful campaign, one requires to get the right influencer. How do you go about this? The first thing, it is essential to know the kind of influencers’ audience following. It will help you determine whether they suit your target audience. Finding an influencer that interacts with your target audience is more important than having one only with a broad reach. It is advisable to choose an influencer who is relevant to the niche and the industry of your trade. Working with the right influencer for your brand helps you reach relevant audiences with your product. However, there are mistakes you should not make with an influencer campaign. Below are the most common ones.

5 Common Influencer Marketing Mistakes To Avoid In 2020

Several mistakes may occur during influencer marketing campaigns. A business owner needs to plan and research extensively before engaging the services of an influencer. It is good to seek expert opinion from a professional business consultant in Dubai Below are the common mistakes you might want to avoid.

1. Using the wrong social media platform

Social media has become a vital aspect of brand awareness campaigns in an ever-increasingly competitive world. However, many brands are not able to realize the full potential of social media due to using the wrong platform for showcasing their products. Social sites are all about the content that primarily drives the flow of the audience. The fact that each product has a suitable market crowd, it is vital to choose a social site with a resembling group of followers. Being on the right platform enables the business to connect with the right audience required to spur the growth of a brand.

2. Over or underspending on the influencer marketing promotion

Looking to save on advertising costs? Social media marketing through influencers may be an ideal choice for you. However, many businesses fail to settle on the right compensation for their influencer marketing campaigns. Spending neither too little nor too much will negatively hinder the success of your campaign. Engaging in the former might see you end up with poor posts and a demotivated campaigner while the latter may not guarantee your returns on investments which may lead to huge losses. Failure to give sufficient compensation during marketing campaigns may attract negative influence which might wash away the standing gains made by the brand in the market. Therefore, it is best to have a compensation model ready before engaging an influencer or launching a campaign.

3. Lack of set goals for the campaign

Before launching a campaign, it is essential to have a clear set of defining targets such as whether the campaign’ is intended to implement tactics you can use to boost customer loyalty, increase brand awareness or result in an increased conversion rate. These will help gauge the level of influence by giving performance metrics. These results are critical since they will show the level of success of the campaign and whether it is yielding the desired returns on investments. It will also shed more light on the gaps and the excesses within the promotion as a whole. Such will come in handy when it comes to making decisions and instituting the necessary measures for the success of the campaign. One of the things that might come out is the kind of audience or the influencer that you are currently engaging in and their suitability for your plan. The metrics will then help you make the necessary adjustments that will enable you to drive the campaign towards the set goals. In case it is unclear to you how to set the goals, you can use a freelance digital marketing consultant in Dubai.

4. Choosing influencers purely on following rather than engagement

For the success of any given campaign, it is essential to have an influencer with a huge following that will guarantee a wider reach. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Some influencers have an extensive fan base that does not necessarily rely on engagement. Such platforms are not suitable when seeking more conversions. It is therefore advisable to work with an influencer who can directly engage the right size of audience as your potential customers. Always remember that a broad audience does not guarantee a better rate of engagement.

5. Giving too much or too little freedom 

Bearing in mind that influencers work with a lot of creativity to best engage their audiences, they, therefore, require a certain level of freedom to express themselves fully. However, too much room may cause an influencer to get mixed up in his creativity, thereby losing track of the needs and specifics of the brand. On the other hand, strict measures may limit space for creativity which may result in a poor display of the brand to the audience. Therefore, an ideal scenario is whereby the influencer takes his creative liberty guided by the set brand objectives. Collaborating with your influencer this way guarantees unique content for the audience.


There are several factors to consider when choosing to collaborate with an influencer for your brand. The most important is to have a set goal that will push your campaign and the target audience in mind. These will help you decide on the right platform for your campaign and the kind of budget you will require. It is always essential to consider expert advice from a professional marketing freelancer in Dubai before launching a campaign.

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